Tuesday, August 25, 2009

vivian crow

*names have been changed to protect the......well, just changed.

"From the moment my husband went to Heaven, Vivian Crow has been after my money."

What an opening sentence! I was hooked. I had just stepped in to a new patient's room and introduced myself. "And how are you today?" I naively asked. "Sit down honey. I will tell you the whole story." And she did.

This lady was good. She was dramatic and convinced and spinning a tale. I'm not sure she realized how good a tale it was. I love a good story. I love hearing them. I love telling them. The hospital is a great place to hear a wide variety of stories.

One probable reason I enjoy stories is that I am part of a larger story. Eugene Peterson writes "God works with words. He used them to make a story of salvation. He pulls us into the story. When we believe, we become willing participants in the plot. We can do this reluctantly and minimally, going through the motions; or we can do it recklessly and robustly, throwing ourselves into the relationships and actions. When we do this, we pray. We practice the words and phrases that make us fluent in the conversation that is at the center of the story. We develop the free responses that answer to the creating word of God in and around us that is making a salvation story."

My little lady had more to tell. Vicki happened upon her later and heard the whole Vivian Crow story too. It's becoming a legend in our office.

Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact, he never spoke to them without using such parables. Matthew 13:34 NLT

Can't wait to hear His stories for myself.


  1. Wow - so is Vivian Crow an actual...crow? I wonder what a crow's motives are for theft? Some Hindus believe that dead relatives can be given food and gifts through offerings to crows. So maybe Vivian is waiting for her gift?

  2. good picture and the name change works, too!