Monday, September 28, 2009


After years of oblivion, I've now become one of those people who is obsessed with gas prices.  Every morning I drive past our best gas station and note the price. (say $2.42)  Then I drive down the mountain, into South Carolina and watch the prices fall.  (say $2.19)  I time my fill ups and my routes to get those satisfying low prices.

In our Pastoral Care class we talk a lot about keeping our tanks full.  There we call it Self Care - the act of intentional awareness and care to ourselves, when most of our effort is focused on taking care of others. As we head into busier holiday months, it will be imparative that we are practiced at keeping our emotional, physical and spiritual tanks full.  One of our biggest self care advocates, our teacher, Sherry, reminds us to get plenty of sleep, step out of the hospital and breath real air, play, eat well, and be gentle with ourselves.

This week I took my first two vacation days. (2 down, 12 to go) Our family spent 4 days at Myrtle Beach refueling.  I slept in, took long walks in the sand, watched my 3 guys body surf, felt the waves pulling me out and crashing over me, cooked a little, and read......

Oh yeah, baby.  Those tanks are filling up.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10 NIV

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