Friday, July 9, 2010

word of the lord

     I was visiting from room to room at the Hospice House. Mr. Henry was not in his room, but I found him in his wheelchair at the far end of the hall. “You are out of your room!” I said in greeting. “Are you feeling better today?”  “Yep,” he said. “I’m getting my exercise.” And he wheeled away.
     A few minutes later I was at the nurses station charting. I heard some arguing around the corner and heard the nursing supervisor say “I don’t care who told you. You can’t go home today.” More arguing. Then she walked around the corner and called out “where is the chaplain?” 
     Gulp. “I’m here.”
     “Did you tell Mr. Henry that he was free to go home today?” She asked accusingly.     
     “Well, he thinks you did.”
     I headed out to find Mr. Henry. He saw me coming. “The chaplain is the voice of God,” he began. “If you say I can leave, then I can leave.”
     “Mr. Henry. I never told you that you could leave.” I used my firm mom voice.
     “You said I had to be out of my room!” He thought he had won.  He was gonna be disappointed.
     “I said that you weren’t IN your room, not that you had to leave. Mr. Henry, are you trying to get me in trouble?'
     “You are the word of the Lord,” he mumbled. “You could at least help me leave.”

     Thank you Mr. Henry, for seeing chaplains as important people.  Sorry I couldn't have abetted your escape plans.  I think you are better off where you are for now though.

I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on Him.  I have put my hope in His word.  Psalm 130:5

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  1. Good try Mr. Henry. I entered this post into a site that said you write like James Joyce: