Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My morning started with a page.  Trauma.  MVA.  18mo.  Oh dear.  Not a baby.  I rushed out of the on-call room.  At the elevator I was interrupted with another page.  I stepped into the nurses station to call.  It was the ER greeter.  "I have a Mr. Green here.  Could you escort him back to be with his family?"  This happens all the time.  I told her I was heading to a trauma, but as soon as I could get away I would come help Mr. Green. 

A minute later I was almost to the trauma bay.  I could hear loud crying, presumably from the 18 month old.  But before I could get through the door, an ambulance man stopped me.  "Hey, I really need some help.  Can you come with me?"  What?  But no one else was around so I followed him out the doors and up to an ambulance.  

He swung the doors open and suddenly I was looking at a blood sprinkled family.  A mom, a baby, and two children.  The little girl was holding her arm to her chest.  The little boy had a medium sized cut over his eye that was bleeding.   The baby was wide eyed and unharmed.  The mom just wanted to get inside to be with her 18 month old who had gotten the brunt of the wreck.  She was wheeled in, with the assurance that we would be with the other three.  We pulled the kids out of the ambulance and onto a stretcher and wheeled them inside.  They were shook up.  I had them tell me about the wreck while a nurse checked them over.  I told them their mom was just in the next room and would be right back.  I asked for a couple blankets.

Then the boy said "I thought my dad would come fast.  My mom called him as soon as it happened."  Your dad?  Oh no.  "What is your last name?"  "Green."

I left the kids with a nurse and literally ran to the front desk.  Poor, frantic Mr. Green was pacing.  Scared out of his mind.  I brought him to his three kids.  Then to his wife.  Then to stand near his 18 month old who was getting a CT scan.  I was so moved watching his worry and relief and concern.   His tight hugs followed by careful once overs.  His furrowed brow and comforting smile. The huge amount of love evident in so few words.  Reunion.

And then Jerry showed up to relieve me for morning report.  All of a sudden I was quietly walking alone back to the office.  But I couldn't shake this family.   It wasn't until the next morning that I found out that everything turned out OK for the Green family.

 I go and make ready a place for you, I will come back again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also.  John 14:3 Amplified Bible


  1. E: These kinds of minutes are so fluid - you write of it so beautifully...and you are able to hold that tension of "what ended up happening to them?" until the next morning. thanks for sharing this

  2. thanks for this one; so well written and narrated. You're a wonderful storyteller.

    Keep'em comin'.